The sale of disposable mask & filter testing systems and instruments continues to power along with a number of testing systems sold again in the month of May. The PALAS PMFT 1000 continues to prove popular with mask manufacturers, universities, testing labs and related organizations due to to its high resolution particle counting and sizing capabilities and many other advanced features. Numerous organizations are also hoping to purchase ATI 100X high performance filter test systems which are also very popular here and globally.

PALAS has also just released a new upgrade kit for their PMFT 1000 & PMFT 1000M series testers. This EN 149 upgrade kit apparently allows customers to compare the penetration values with the tolerances of EN 149 concerning the minimum and maximum size distribution. This option also shows the comparison to DMT and other manufacturers. The main advantage of this option is that the customer can now see which spread in the results is possible if they compare their data with others.

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