Pharmagraph’s new range of intelligent air samplers offer unrivaled efficiency and consistency in microbiological monitoring. The iVAS series supports 90mm Petri Dish media and includes an integrated HPV tolerant controller measuring actual flow and sample volume within the sample head. iVAS units can be integrated into existing EM Program meeting EU-GMP Annex 1 and USP 797 compliance requirements.

Available in both pedestal and tri-clamp mounting styles, iVAS can be used free standing or built into isolators and filling machines. The truly intelligent iVAS unit incorporates the perforated sieve head, dual impellers, flow/volume control and communication systems into a highly integrated unit. iVAS itself controls the air flow and measures the volume of air sampled to maximize regulatory compliance and can operate in either continuous or intermittent sampling modes.

  • Everything required in a single compact unit – no external vacuum system required
  • Designed for use in Grade A zones with single cable connection
  • Dual flow rates of either 100L/min or 50 L/min with continuous or intermittent sampling
  • Integrated HPV tolerant control module with actual flow and sample volume acquired
  • D50 values of 1.1µm @ 100L/min and 1.6µm @ 50 L/min flow rates
  • Height adjustable 90 mm Petri dish holder
  • Physical and Biological Collection Efficiency test data available
  • Host controller provides Modbus interface for up to six iVAS Smart Air Samplers

Ideal for Isolators or RABS lines with H2O2 decontamination.

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