While the market is FULL of real-time dust monitors these days, many of these are not properly designed for outdoor use and very few of them have any traceability or accreditation to backup their measurement results. Most customers would have no idea if they were working properly or not, nor would they have any way to properly test them.

This is where German particle instrument manufacture PALAS steps in and this is where their FIDAS 200 series are in a league of their own. Their FIDAS 200 series are state-of-the-art spectrometer based outdoor air monitoring stations capable of simultaneous PM fraction dust monitoring, however these precision instruments are type approved to MCERTS, EN 16450 and various other reputable global standards.

The same PALAS optical technology is also being used in another brand of real-time dust monitoring instrument on the market, which has U.S EPA approval for real-time measurements. The FIDAS 200 systems continue to roll out across Australasia and the world and Flowtech Scientific was honored to sell another one of these systems only days ago, to a customer who has used them for many years and holds them in very high regard measurement wise.

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