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For many organizations installing a particle monitoring system can be expensive and time consuming and then you have servers and software to buy, manage and keep updated, you have your IT department to contend with other system related issues to consider.

With advances in technology and working smarter and more efficiently, Flowtech Scientific has come up with some low cost VERY reliable solutions for particle monitoring in facilities without the need for computer servers, data control cabinets or even software running on machines.

No software to buy and keep updated, no computer servers, no IT departments to contend with and yet your data is all safely and securely stored for you to access anytime, anywhere. Eliminating computers and software installed on machines also improves data integrity and security. These systems can be easily deployed to monitor cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, isolators and any controlled environment.

They are ideal for small to medium facilities and installations and they really keep the costs down while providing tremendous flexibility for customers.

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